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Month: November 2013

Sign of the Times

Making the rounds today in the right-wing memefactory.  Between this and all the Payday Advance Loan companies closing their doors, thanks for nothing,...

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Too Intellectually Dishonest to Fail

The Rand Paul plagiarism saga continues in strange and unbelievable ways.

Making a racist comment will get you a gig on Fox News. Demagogue your party out of a Presidential Election and get a speaking spot at CPAC. Plagiarizing gets you a snazzy gig with Breitbart. Next up: Farting Your Way to the Top – A GOP Primer on Failing Upwards

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The Uncle Toms of the GOP

There is nothing wealthy, rich, white conservatives love more than someone willing to sellout themselves and their people in exchange for a few dollars and some recognition. I present to you the specter of the black archconservative. Allen West, E.W. Jackson, Alan Keyes, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Michael Steele – all individuals put forward as a human shield in an attempt to deflect any accusations of racism that might impugn the reputation of the Republican establishment. These men together constitute a party-wide “black friend” that many white conservatives just happen to have in reserve as a hopeful aegis against suggestions that their policies predominantly target, denigrate, demean and belittle minorities, especially and particularly blacks.

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Florida Gov Race, Crist vs. Rich

In Florida, there appears to be a very strange thing taking place. Democrats and even some progressives are starting to express support for former Governor Charlie Crist who is running once more for Governor of the Sunshine State – this time as a Democrat.  This is presenting a bit of a problem, as he has competition in the way of long-time Democratic State Senator, Nan Rich.  Also, most of the Democrats in Florida still have a functional memory and can recall things from the past ten years that have occurred in the waking world. Nevertheless, this presents a grave...

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Food Stamp Cuts: Collateral Damage

When a Republican Congressman pushes through a cut to food stamps, there’s one particular group of people they are hoping their Republican constituents are envisioning will be hurt the most, and suffer the most. Whenever food stamps are to be demonized, it’s the specter they trot right to the front. What they don’t want their red meat constituents to know is that a million veterans rely on food stamps to get them and their families through the month.

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