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Actions You Can Take Now to Fight Trump

Actions You Can Take Now to Fight Trump

Firstly, breathe.  Take some deep, meditative breaths and center yourself.  You will be directly channeling the negative energy of Trump’s concurrent damage to America into actions that have impact, but to do so effectively, you need to be in full possession of your wits, intellect, and charm.  Cool, calm, and collected?  Let’s begin.

1. Write down the contact information of your Congressional Representative. Find it here.

Representative Name:
Representative Mailing Address:
Representative Local Office Phone:
Representative Washington DC Office Phone:
Representative Email:

2. Write down the contact information of the two Senators from your state. Find that here.

Senator 1 Name:
Senator 1 Mailing Address:
Senator 1 Local Office Phone:
Senator 1 Washington DC Office Phone:
Senator 1 Email:Senator 2 Name:

Senator 2 Mailing Address:
Senator 2 Local Office Phone:
Senator 2 Washington DC Office Phone:
Senator 2 Email:

Why?: If you physically write it down and leave it somewhere conspicuous, you’ll use it. Sticky Notes are highly recommended.

3. Let your voice be heard by the person responsible for voting on your behalf in Congress.  
Congress critters treat voter contact in order of priority, annoyance, and volume. Using an arbitrary points system below, consider that it may take upwards of 200,000 points to move a Senator on a vote or an issue, but you can help get us there. Letters and phone calls are always, always worth more influence than email. (Mention that you voted for them, or donated to them last run if you did and get a 3x to 10x bonus to your action!)

100 POINTS: Write a physical letter and mail it to the three offices above, expressing your opinion and opposition to Trump’s recent actions.

50 POINTS: Call the office lines of all three of your representatives (both local AND Washington DC) and respectfully say “Hello, my name is _yourname_, and I’m a constituent from _yourtown_. I strongly oppose Trump’s recent unconstitutional executive orders and cabinet appointees. Will my representative be opposing these actions? If not, why?”. Feel free to rewrite and customize your own.

5 POINTS: Email your representative. Emails can be found here.

Why?: If you have a Republican, chances are they want to do the right thing, but lack any perception of a political cost in being a bystander to Trump. If you have a Democrat, chances are they want to do the right thing, but frequently lack a spine of any sort. Your contact changes the math for them.

4. Donate to the ACLU.
We’re taking what remains of democracy into our hands with direct action. While we do so, the American Civil Liberties Union is going to use the courts to try and stop or slow the pace of Trump-inflicted horror as it unfolds.

Why?: Legal work is expensive, even with their lawyers working pro-bono on matters of each successive constitutional crisis under Trump. They need our dollars, and they need us to put our money where our mouths are.  Consider the return on investment is the ability to stymie Trump and frustrate his fascist plans for the country.

5. Stay informed.
Yes, it will be stressful to continue reading the news.  Yes, the urge to submit to Trump Fatigue Syndrome will be immense as each successive day brings worse.  Staying informed is critical, so fight fake news by sticking with credible news organizations (see a friendly chart here) who fact check. Do not hesitate to correct (kindly) any assertions of “alternative facts” being real facts.

Why?: We know from the fall of republics in history and the rise of authoritarian states that awareness is key to survival. You need to know what is coming down the pike, whether or not it stresses you out.  You need to know if you need to show up at a rally, or if you need to raise the alarm, or if your survival is being threatened.

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