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Daily Trump Damage Report 1/30/17

Daily Trump Damage Report 1/30/17

• Trump Press Secretary retweets Onion article about himself that his role is “to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation” before deleting it.

• Trump strategist anti-semite Steven Bannon is given National Security role usually held by Generals.

• Jihadis celebrate Trump’s recent actions, asserting that Trump is “the best caller to Islam” and referring to his executive order as “the blessed ban”, comparing it to the “blessed invasion of Iraq” in 2003 which allowed ISIS to emerge.

• Google has created a $4 million crisis fund to help deal with the fallout from Trump’s ban on a religious minority.

• We can surmise that the chaos from the ban was likely premeditated and orchestrated.

• Trump is expected to name a terrible, god-awful Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday.  Despite obstructing Obama’s pick Merrick Garland for an entire year after Scalia’s death, congressional Republicans will push for a speedy confirmation and pretend they don’t remember what you are talking about.

• Tuesday is last call for Obamacare. Repeal efforts are moving forward, despite no replacement offered by Trump or congressional Republicans. Uninsured and pre-existing condition-related death toll is expected to be substantial in return to previous system (45k+ deaths annually, circa 2007)

• Reality-challenged multi-level marketing pyramid-scheme heiress and Trump nominee for Sec. of Education, Betsy DeVoss, is so woefully unprepared and unqualified that conservative SuperPACs are buying commercials to defend her.

• Trump supporters feel he deserves to use a private email server. Which he is. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT NOW.

• Voter fraud “expert” who lied about the 3 million “illegals who voted” that Trump ran with as reason he lost the popular vote still hasn’t provided any proof.

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