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O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Leaks’ cue Sad Trombone

O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Leaks’ cue Sad Trombone

James O’Keefe, felon conservative “documentary” maker similar to Dinesh D’Souza, another felon conservative “documentary” maker, drops a superhuge omg you’ll never believe this 9 tricks of a tiny belly home mortgage refinance Nigerian prince-style hype train fizzle-out of a “leak” today. It was met with a collective shrug as no one could find anything of interest in the thing he super-sekrit hush-hush recorded from the big bad evil CNN. ┬áConservatives in the reality-and-oxygen-depriving bubble are likely flipping their gibbets over it, since there doesn’t have to be anything there for there to be anything there, anymore.

For a few days, Project Veritas founder and conservative activist James O’Keefe has been hyping the release of what he said where hundreds of hours of undercover audio recording of employees at CNN.

Politico reports: Project Veritas ‘CNN Leaks’ fall flat – POLITICO

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