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Taxpayer Costs for Trump’s Lifestyle

Taxpayer Costs for Trump’s Lifestyle

In an effort to gain some kind of rough accounting for the costs associated with Trump’s staggering frequency of vacation in his “Winter Palace” at Mar-a-Lago and his keeping his wife held in a golden tower, we were asked to arrive at a daily count of just how many of our tax dollars he is frittering away.

Taxpayer Cost for Trump’s Lifestyle to Date: $181,204,322.76
Updated: 7/3/2017

We’ll be updating this number going forward and including it in our the daily Trump Damage Reports.  This figure is reached from the running total compiled from watchdog resources coupled with a daily running tally with math extrapolated from analysis performed by The Guardian based on historical costs and the expenses of previous administrations.

  • $500,000 per day at a variable rate for securing Trump Tower in New York
  • $1,500,000 per weekend day for weekend vacations at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club for the exclusively wealthy.
  • $6.5 million per week / 7 days per week = $928,571.42 per day Trump damage to taxpayers, excluding costs accrued from site improvements for security, Eric and Donald Jr’s business trips to Uruguay and elsewhere.

That clocks in at $27,857,142.85 per month, and $334,285,714.28 per year.

You did in fact read that right. $334 million each year in direct taxpayer dollars.  To contrast, President Obama and Vice President Biden incurred a total of $97 million during their entire eight full years. Provided he makes it to the end of his first term (which is increasingly doubtful), Trump will have bludgeoned the American taxpayer for well over a billion dollars in frivolous expenses.

It is often joked that deficits don’t seem to matter when Republicans are in power. For an authoritarian kleptocrat like Trump, we can see plainly now that not only do deficits not matter to Republicans when they have the reigns of power, but they’ll happily offer excuses for even the most direct, shameless bilking of the American taxpayer at the hands of a xenophobic monster – provided he is their monster.

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