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Ted Cruz is a Delusional Sociopath

Ted Cruz is a Delusional Sociopath

Over at The Raw Story, they are reporting on a video now circulating of an interview Fox News’ Chris Wallace did recently with Senator Ted Cruz.  In it, Cruz seems to be taken aback by the laughter that erupts from the crowd when he explains that he didn’t want a shutdown.

“I didn’t want a shutdown.  Throughout the whole thing, I said, we shouldn’t have a shutdown.”

The audience burst out in laughter at that remark.

Chris Wallace actually, surprisingly, calls him on this.  “Yes, keep the government open, but only if Obamacare is defunded.”

A caricature of the Republican norm. Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

A caricature of the Republican norm. Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

Reality here for Ted Cruz is a construct of the mind, not so much reflective of history or what is actually happening in our space-time continuum.  As the American public began to turn wholesale on the Republican Party when the shutdown commenced, they came to the conclusion that fulfilling their campaign promises of disassembling the federal government brick by brick is, in practice, immensely unpopular.  Frank Luntz, Messaging Guru of the GOP to the rescue!

We didn’t want the shutdown, the line goes.  It was Obama who refused to negotiate on funding the law that had passed and been vetted by the Supreme Court.  Most Americans know that Republicans hate government – it is a despised thing to them if it isn’t setting fire to brown people overseas from the skies or probing Virginia’s female population’s lady parts.  That’s why the line from Cruz pulled such a reaction from the crowd.  Oh yeah – these guys *love* them some government and keeping it open (as they were cheering on Fox News and trying to reframe by the command of the Frank Luntz wordsmiths as a “slowdown” or “slimdown” and failing.)

Wallace then pressed Cruz about his Presidential aspirations, saying “You’re spending a lot of time in Iowa.”

Cruz’s response, a week and a half into the entirety of the Republican Party in Congress voting to gut food stamps for millions of hungry Americans, and at least 900,000 veterans was – “Well, I’ll tell ya, I went on a lovely pheasant hunt in Iowa,”

Cruz is like a caricature of the iconic Republican Party at this point.

  • The son of a foaming-at-the-mouth evangelical pastor who says Obama is the Antichrist and should go back to Kenya.
  • Pheasant-hunting to get a few pictures of him in safety orange and camo with a gun in his hands.  Not deer, not fishing, not game, but pheasant.  Like Muffy and Mittens down at the yacht club love to have after a dashing game of cricket in the Hamptons.
  • Capable and proud of lying, bold-faced, about something the entire nation watched happen and heard him say.
  • Happy to remark that “Washington is broken”.  Isn’t complaining about it.  Is bragging.
  • 1st generation American offspring of an immigrant who is super-okay with how his party treats immigrants.

Check out the video.  Try not to vomit.

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