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Trump Damage Report – 10/18/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/18/2017

I’m sorry this didn’t push yesterday, so brace yourself for another twofer. This is your TDR For October 18th, and it is not fun.

  • DNC Lawmaker claims to have proof of Trump telling a widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Well, don’t be shy with that, let’s see the proof already! All you do by delaying the release of it is absolving him of guilt through tin foil hattery. “It took them a long time to produce proof of this thing, therefor it is a conspiracy! Trump’s a great guy who’s only ever done great things! Fake news!” Unbelievable.
  • Trump promised a grieving father a $25,000 and didn’t actually pay until it became a public shaming incident. It’s hardly surprising, if you do even the barest research into his business dealings the results overwhelmingly that getting money out of Trump is like getting blood out of a rock. You might remember the creepy little girls who danced and sang for Trump, they sued him to get paid. This was during his campaign last year. Also, I should point you to the story above; Trump thinks the appropriate response to grief is to offer money. That in and of itself should tell you what and how he thinks of other people: disposable goods. “Your son is worth 25,000 shekels! Thank you for giving us his life to waste!” Anyone up for golfing?
  • Speaking of money, the Obamacare premiums were stabilizing, and then Trump happened. This noose fits perfectly over the heads of every Republican or moderate who delivered unto us this monster. Trump gutted the federal subsidy for healthcare of our citizens, and now premiums are obscene. It’s a pretty classic GOP move overall, sabotage a liberal program and then laud how they told everyone it would never work. They’re doing it to education, if you’re interested in the future of your child. Maybe check into that.
  • An odd case is brewing of Jane Doe (undocumented immigrant) being pregnant at 17 and US officials blocking her from getting an abortion. To quote the article ‘“Just because she’s here illegally doesn’t mean she doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Chutkan said.’ In related news, Republican understanding of the Constitution has been confirmed as shaky at best, because the legal defense for the Government interfering to force Jane Doe into carrying the child to term apparently doesn’t understand that our Law’s govern ‘all people’ within our borders, not just Americans. Amazing!
  • Because every life is sacred and every baby should be born just ignore this next story if you’re pro life. Children are dying at an alarming rate in foster care and there is no widespread outcry to fix that system. Every sacred sperm must be used to keep creating life which we’ll happily snuff out in our broken and awful ‘feel good’ systems for dealing with the children produced. There is no mass movement to do anything about this, and that tells you everything you ever need know about the pro-life movement.
  • Trump just accused James Comey of Lying and Leaking to protect Hillary. If you go looking, you’ll note that Comey was “not a fan” of Obama or his administration, but could find no legal basis to indict either Obama or Hillary, or even cause to fully investigate their activities. Maybe someone should get him an Obama “Do you miss me yet?” bumper sticker. I pity this fool, and am reminded of a
  • Trump is not a friend to LGBT people. He just made this crystal clear by lauding an anti-LGBT think-tank as Titan’s in the fight for America. If you know LGBT people who voted for this man, share stories like this repeatedly on his wall. In other news, Caitlin Jenner is appalled at the behavior of this administration, and clearly had zero understanding or views which were based on anything in today’s reality of what the modern GOP is about. Sad! Current events remind of a line from an Earnest movie: “Dumb is not knowing who your friends are.” With that in mind, Caitlin Jenner and any LGBT person who supported this administration is very, very dumb.
  • Trump campaign staffers pushed tweets generated by Russian propaganda account. They get a free pass on this because MERCA, and also because FREEDOM, GUNS, and SUPPORT THE TROOPS. Much sadness will be experienced before this madness ends.

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