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Trump Damage Report – 10/20/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/20/2017

It seems the morning is just better for me getting these out, so I once again apologize for yesterday evening and present to you you TDR breakfast, served cold with burned coffee and irradiated water that tastes of lead (thanks new EPA!)

  • John Kelly gives an impassioned and humanizing explanation of Trump. Read it here. John Kelly thinks the President is brave and respectful. I believe that the President is a self marketing genius and has the social graces of a rampaging bull in a china shop. In one light, we see a President really caring about something (thirteen days after it occurred, no comment on that his golf trip delayed his response to it) and reaching out to do something very nice. In another we see Trump exploiting the grief of these fallen soldiers to incite divisions among American’s and deflect the public eye from the other things he’s doing. For example:
  • The Senate just passed a budget for 2018 that will allow them to add 1.5 Trillion with a T to the debt. The projection is that that amount will get added over ten years, but we all know what happens when you pass a tax cut and then start a war. We saw first hand how that plays out with George W, who is once again relevant because!
  • George W Bush just gave quite a speech on US Nationalism. In it he reminds us turning inward and adopting isolationism rather than facing outward and being a major player in world politics is dangerous to a country and its freedom. In the pendulum of politics I think GW has a unique view, he was a critical two steps forward in getting the Trumpster fire set ablaze. Obama, was a half step back towards true American principles and healing the damage done to the world stage and now Trump has the ball and is running full tilt towards the average age of a civilization before it collapses.
  • Fox News reports that the reason there is so much backlash to the president over four soldiers dying in Niger is because he blamed Obama about not making a phone call.  Oh Fox News, it’s really too late to regret what you’ve done to US Politics, but some of us sure appreciate your new approach anyways. It’s like the guy who lit the whole forest on fire showing up with a super soaker mini to help combat the blaze. It is too late for you to do any good, we are gonna need a bigger water sprayer, but it’s still adorable that you are here.
  • The FBI has started a probe into the deaths of the four soldiers in Niger. Also relevant, we apparently have about one thousand troops in Niger to support a French operation aimed at disrupting ISIS in that region. One may idly wonder if the world can only be cleansed in fire or if it is already actively aflame. I guess we’ll find out together!
  • Defense Secretary Mattis states that the reason the four soldiers were caught off guard was because they were in an area where attack from ISIS was considered unlikely. Welp, it looks like spreading your intelligence resource and military resources to every back-woods area of the world may not be a good plan if your goal is to prevent US casualties. The jack of all trades is the master of none the saying goes, and the glaring flaw of American exceptionalism is that we simply cannot do and be all things at all times, even as a country. We can no doubt expect that body count to rise as President Bull-In-China-Shop executes his global strategy or breaking alliances and treaties. Causing discord globally has consequences, one of those is in drastically increasing the potential threats our Intelligence and Defense assets must somehow be prepared to address.

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