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Trump Damage Report – 10/21/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/21/2017

MSNBC Panel urges our favorite Dumpster fire administration to just pick up a phone and apologize for blowing his condolence call. Spoiler alert: this mess is generating tons of news coverage and Twitler likes that, so not only is he not going to apologize but the MSNBC panel can be clearly shown as having no idea who the POTUS is deep down. The dynamic which has emerged is not unlike that of North Korea. He says or does a thing, people are outraged by that thing who were not his supporters anyways. His supporters go full tilt on supporting this new thing and telling their Twitler in Chief how much they love him. He experience a personal high with each dose of Right Wing praise.

Military families of fallen soldiers who died months ago are finally receiving rush delivered UPS packages with letters from Twitler because, turns out, not only did he not call them but he didn’t even write them. It’s really difficult in light of this not to give in to total disdain for Trump, but then I watch his military veteran supporters explain away even this and I just have to laugh. The Rightest wing among us are with him to the end, even if he delivers them directly into the jaws of hell.

Twitler just promised to pay the legal expenses incurred from defending people in his administration against the Russia investigation. Given his history of not paying for anything ever unless it causes him to be publicly shamed let’s go ahead and pre-load this cannon for the inevitable future where we post a link to him not paying for Russia Investigation related legal fees.

Twitler engages in misdirection by attacking fake media for running Hillary ads when he directly benefited from ads created and paid for by Russia which were spread on facebook. Not the onion. This is our lives now, watching Twitler both acknowledge as true and downplay meddling in our election by a foreign power. Then turning around and watching our neighbors and sometimes even our friends do the same thing. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

“Guess what? I attend a conservative Baptist church. We discriminate, all right. On the basis of sexual orientation, we discriminate,” Jeff Mateer said in a 2015 speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference. “Does that mean I can’t be a judge? In some states, I think that’s true, unfortunately.” – Jeff Mateer, current Trump Federal Judge Nominee. On the bright side the carte blanche approval to literally shout down any so called pro-freedom conservative when they say that the Right Wing supports LGBT rights. You are what you do, not what you say you do.

Twitler, who famously proclaimed that he’d eliminate the Federal Debt, applauds tax plan which is projected to add one point five Trillion with a capital T dollars to that very same debt. Well at least Republicans are consistent in that they campaign on the promise of reducing government spending and debt, and the casually and boldy break that promise with absolutely no consequences from their constituency. This is America in 2017, and we will go bankrupt soon because of the combined hubris of the right wing’s favored politicians and their propensity to spend all of the money all of the time.

Trump is going to release all the JFK documents even though our intel agencies don’t want him to. That’s not exactly what the article says, but I’m going to prophesy that right here and right now. Everything Trump has done so far has fallen in line with what Bannon said about it all being deliberately designed to dismantle our government. If our Intel community is going to get hurt by these documents being released, I believe Trump will release them. Fallout is coming, brace yourselves!

Trump signed an series of executive orders which allow the military to recall retired military personnel and extend their terms of service indefinitely just as the Afghanistan war is heating up. Hold on to your butts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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