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Trump Damage Report 3/21/2017

Trump Damage Report 3/21/2017

The Schiff and Schumer boogaloo, Comey kills taps, Lil’ Marco’s past quips haunt, ban Kellyanne, Arnold hits, nepotism reigns, record-breaking disapproval, and much, much more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Tuesday, March 21st, 2017. Hard left Samir, triple-caution! Triple-caution!

• Rep. Adam Schiff is our new hero. The masterful member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence lays out in precise terms the Trump-Russia timeline.  If you read or watch nothing else in this damage report today, you need to watch this. 

• Trump got Comey wrong. The White House doesn’t know what FBI Director James Comey knows about Trump’s Russian connections, and it terrifies them.  The New Yorker does a deep dive on how extensively the Trump camp misjudged Comey.

• Little Hands, Big Ego has now threatened members of his own party.  His threat to them is that if they don’t vote for Obamacare repeal, they will be primaried in 2018.  Rep. Mark Meadows (R – NC), who is the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, shrugs the threat right off telling The Hill he isn’t going to be voting for the dumb bill since it does not lower premiums.

• No clear leader Democratic leader has emerged yet to oppose Trump, but there are interesting front-runners.  In a Harris Poll survey conducted of registered voters who they view as the leader of the Democratic party, 40% said it had no leader. 15% said Obama. 12% said Bernie Sanders. 11% said Elizabeth Warren, and 10% said Hillary Clinton. On who should lead the field in 2020, Sanders took the lion’s share at 14%.

Arnold blasts the Trumpster Dumpster for low ratings. “Oh Donald – the ratings are in, and you got swamped. Wow. Now you’re in the 30’s?” referring to his nosediving approval ratings.

Trump aide laundered payments from Moscow, according to a Ukrainian lawmaker who released financial documents today. Big trouble for Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager – whom the administration is now referring to as someone who had minimal impact on the campaign.

• CNN has compiled a timeline of all 80 times Trump has talked about Vladimir Putin. It is significantly revealing.

• The sovereign has decided to grant his daughter a prestigious post in the heart of government. Despite having zero previous experience, the handbag designer is taking a pivotal role in the administration. For some reason, the Justice Department under Trump has determined that do so, as well as hiring the sovereign’s husband to a key advisory role, does not violate anti-nepotism laws.

• Variety reports on Joe Scarborough explaining why “Everyone” should ban Kellyanne Conway from TV.

• One critical, and downright surreal piece of information was skimmed over from the Congressional Budget Office’s review of Trumpcare: Fewer Americans would be insured with Trumpcare than with a simple repeal of Obamacare.  Yes, you read that right. A flat, standard repeal of the entirety of Obamacare would yield 23 million uninsured, whereas the implementation of Trumpcare yields 24 million uninsured.  That is an impressive and signature Republican feat.

CNBC reports on a conflict of interest looming over the skyscraper deal underway by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.  The purchaser of 666 Fifth Avenue (we aren’t making that up) is a Chinese influence peddler with ties to Beijing.

Trump Tower was under investigation by the FBI, in an effort to catch a Russian mafia boss known as Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov. Trump was not directly implicated in the investigation.

• Neil Gorsuch is undergoing nomination hearings today for his possible appointment to the Supreme Court.  He is refusing to answer Senator Whitehouse’s request to ask the shadowy backers funding advertisement campaigns to push a speedy hearing process to reveal themselves.

• Trump surrogates are having a tougher time getting their hands around the concept of lies and falsehoods. Trump shill Jeffrey Lord says on live television that Trump didn’t lie, he was just speaking a different language known as “Americanese”.

• Trump’s administration is now seeking to dictate the terms of coverage in interviews with news outlets. A TV station in Kentucky says that Trump’s people made it clear that Trump was not going to answer any questions on the matter of wiretapping during an interview.

• Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is now calling for a delay on the Gorsuch vote because of the confirmed Trump-Russia probe by the FBI. We strongly agree with Schumer on the matter, and it would be unconscionable to try and consider a Supreme Court nominee at such a volatile time in our republic.  We should await the findings of the many investigations into Trump’s connections with Russia before acting, and encourage (insist) Democratic Senators push for delay.

Spicey Boy shut down the press briefing after he began receiving questions about the international incident he precipitated when he, on Twitler’s behalf, accused the United Kingdom of being involved in the fictional wiretapping.

• Lil Marco Rubio, who has whined and cried and bellyached about Trump and Trump’s appointments before rolling over with his belly-up to them with “Yes” votes said “Can this country afford to have a President under investigation by the FBI? Think of the trauma that would do to this country.”  He said this 5 months ago, and he was talking about Hillary. We’re waiting for him to propose impeachment, now that Trump is under FBI investigation. Knowing Lil Marco though, we won’t hold our breath.

• Rep. Jim Himes wonders aloud during the hearings why it is that Trump will attack anyone, Americans, allies, his own party, veterans, and so on. The one person which Trump has not attacked for some strange, mysterious reason, seems to be Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  Odd, that.

• Good reports that Trump’s popularity levels reach a historic low, breaking all-time records for crap performance.  Only 37% of Americans approve of the job Trump is doing, as opposed to 58% who disapprove.

Forbes has turned on Trump, and just published an exclusive story about a powerful Russian oligarch who is boasting of enhanced access to Trump and the Trump family. “He does not forget his friends” Russian billionaire Agalarov says of the orange menace.


Trump has now spent 7x more in 2 months on travel and personal expenses than the entire amount Obama AND Biden did over 8 full years. That’s $84.3 million to to $12.1 million. Making America Pay Again.

That’s all for the Tuesday report this week – we hope. Like us to make sure you get the next Trump Damage Report in your feed. Share with friends who ought to know what Trump is up to, and if you enjoyed our report, hit Like and Share.

Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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