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Trump Damage Report – 4/20/2017

Trump Damage Report – 4/20/2017

A quantum supercluster of stupid, 90 day F, pipeline fibs, Chinese Korea, Trumpvestigators spending time with family, Putin’s think tank, the War on Clean Water, Pacific island judges, Timecast or ComWarner, and introducing the latest crisis: Iran!  All this and more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Thursday, April 20th, 2017.  Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.

All of the stupid in the world assembled at one place, at one time, as Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent are gathered at the White House with Trump, The Hill reports.  Kim Kardashian was asked to stay at an undisclosed secure location during the gathering as the designated survivor in case the continuity of stupid was threatened due to some unforeseen circumstance. The idiocy present was strong enough to warp and distort the fabric of space-time outside the White House, and as a result, Kid Rock simultaneously was and was not present, existing in some kind of quantum stupid state in defiance of Newtonian physics.  The event was catered by Walmart.

Trump has claimed that no administration before his has accomplished more in 90 days, according to a report by the Washington Post.  Bahahaha!  OH GOD, do go on, Donald.

“All pipelines that are coming into this country from now on has to be American steel.” a whopper by Trump is rated as flatly, plainly false by PolitiFact.

Trump is accused of shocking ignorance after asserting that Korea used to be part of China, The Independent reports. His assertion is based on his 10 minute conversation with the President of China, so that’s reassuring.  Korea has never been part of China.  At one point in time, 13th century or so, parts of northern Korea were under the governance of the Mongolian rulers of China, but we can safely say that wasn’t what Trump was referring to.

Chaffetz and Nunes were both tasked with investigating Trump, and now both are stepping aside, The Washington Post reports.  Odd how all the Republicans responsible for looking into what Trump has done and his ties with Russia are going out for a pack of cigarettes, isn’t it?

A think-tank linked to Putin drew up plans to sway the outcome of the 2016 US election, Reuters reports.  The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies recommended the Kremlin launch an aggressive campaign of propaganda in social media and global news outlets.  Clearly, it worked.

Trump has declared war on regulations that keep poison out of your water, politicians from being openly bribe-able, and the mentally deranged from getting assault weapons, The American Prospect reports.

The DNC Chair Tom Perez has slammed Trump’s stupid “Buy American” executive order by politely responding “Start with your own damn businesses.”, Fox News reports.  The lion’s share of Trump’s products are made in China, Indonesia, and foreign countries.

Trumpist Republicans think they have a health care deal… again, Huffington Post reports today.  Like Charlie Brown and the football, the Republicans are about to pile headlong into an “ARRRGG!” moment at a nominal cost in voters, again.

Jeff “Klan Keebler” Sessions says he’s ‘amazed’ a judge ‘on an island in the Pacific’ can block Trump’s immigration order, CNN reports.  The island in question is the state of Hawaii, which is a state in the United States of America, where federal judges have the power to strike down executive orders and legislation that is found to be in violation of our existing body of laws.

Republicans are emboldened by Trump’s overt dismissal of anything even remotely resembling ethics, and so are flatly, boldly selling access to congressional staffers, The Intercept reports.  Bribery and graft have become enfranchised under the orange menace – not surprising as $250k can get you a sweet seat next to him at the winter palace open-air situation room.

Trump’s FCC would is making it easier for gargantuan cable companies to merge, the Los Angeles Times reports.  Oh, also they are unraveling the caps on charging for internet service.  Thank a Republican.

Destabilize the situation with Syria? Check. Destabilize the situation with North Korea? Check. What’s next? Oh, right. Iran.  The New York Times reports on the coming crisis the administration is preparing to precipitate with Iran.


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Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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