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Trump Damage Report – 4/30/2017

Trump Damage Report – 4/30/2017

Trumpese, BFFs with Duterte, 1st Amendment options, normalizing Russian interference, imaginary rally size (part 19), and golf of course.  All this and not much more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Sunday, April 30th, 2017.  Brace for end-of-quarter moneybegs!

Trump had a sit-down interview with CBS News.  The CBS reporter used English. Trump spoke in whatever the hell the language is he uses to try and communicate in vague emotions.  Here’s how it went.  John Dickerson: Here’s a question, in English. Trump: Squeebo fwip fwip yarra kzprlprtz nggg pvapa SHEW. Bunglytots rewvtmph vurw. Datbomp? Squirp, nezbg hnng. John Dickerson: So… you’d say you aren’t- Trump: Vipvipswahhh. Durtle boot… grumftwad. Sassa grumpftwad. Ibbly grumpftwad.

During the interview, he was asked if he’d be starting a war with North Korea, to which he responded, “I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see.”, The Independent reports.

Trump went to his craptacular Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Sunday afternoon, The Hill reports.  This is his 19th trip to a golf course since his administration started a few months ago. A few months ago, people. It’s only been a few months. Oh god, what is to become of us.

Reince “Göring” Priebus was asked if Trump is considering amending or abolishing the 1st Amendment, and responded that “…it’s something that we’ve looked at.”, Talking Points Memo reports.  Sounds like an out of context quote, doesn’t it? It isn’t. Take a look at the exchange and ready yourself for existential horror.

Trump had a “very friendly” talk with Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines on Saturday, the New York Times reports.  Duterte is an authoritarian who has murdered dissidents and opposition under the guise of a war on drugs in his country.  Duterte is a very, very, very monstrous person responsible for the murder of journalists, political opponents, and anyone else he can scapegoat in his country.  He has happily admitted to killing them.

Trump then invited him to the the White House.

Senator Shaheen (D-NH) said that Russian meddling in US elections could become normalized if we don’t respond to Moscow’s interference in our election, The Hill reports.  The same approach by Russian intelligence is currently underway in France.

Trump said a rally he held broke records.  It didn’t.  We know it didn’t, because there are photographs of the empty seats.

Democrats in Congress have given up any hope of working with the vacillating, malignant narcissist that is Trump, Politico reports.  It’s tough to deal with someone who has no definable policy positions on anything, and can’t agree on basic facts like “Is it raining right now?” and “Did a terrorist attack happen in Bowling Green?”


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Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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