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Trump Damage Report – 7/12/2017

Trump Damage Report – 7/12/2017

President Trump to CBN’s Pat Robertson: Putin Would Have Been Happier With Clinton (CBN News) – Straight from the cheeto manchurian sock puppets mouth we have been delivered this gem. One wonders, if the Russian’s really would have been happier with Clinton why there’s no evidence that they backed her and loads of evidence that they backed lots of anti-Clinton propaganda and fake stories? For sure, lots of other world leaders would have been pleased as punch to have a US President with class, experience, diplomatic talent, and a vision which included the US not rapidly receding from the globe as a stabilizing power… My apologies, I got caught up in a day-dream of what could have been.

Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began (The Wall Street Journal) – “U.S. intelligence agencies starting in the spring of 2015 detected conversations in which Russian government officials discussed associates of Donald Trump, several months before he declared his candidacy for president” Yes, clearly they would have preferred Clinton, whom they had no dirt; who owed them no money or favors; who Putin literally came out in a statement that a vote for Clinton was a vote for war. We are to believe that these conversations which centered around Trump’s associates were actually about Clinton, and how awesome it would be for Russia if she won this election. If you believe these things, I have come into a large sum of money from a Prince I cannot name but who died tragically. I will need you account information so that I may transfer this large sums of money to you…..

Russian Oligarch Who Plotted to Aid Trump Was Named in Private Intelligence Dossier (The Intercept) – Hey look at that! A Russian Oligarch who is close friends with both Putin and Trump. Surely this person would have preferred Clinton in the White House! So this close friend of T&P called another party who is close to Trump, Rob Goldstone, and state that he wanted to set up a meeting with the Trump campaign regarding incriminating information on Clinton that would help Trump win. Because they wanted Clinton in the White House so, so very desperately. ….Please send your account information and I will make a small withdrawal to ensure that the account is real and not fake…

GOP Senator: Intel Committee Knew In April That Kushner Met Russian Lawyer (Talking Points Memo) – “Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday said the panel knew about Jared Kushner’s attendance of a June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer as early as April.” When I say fake, you say news! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Ahhh these crowds, you guys are bigly terriffic. Did you guys know that the Russian’s would have LOVED to have another Clinton in the white house? It’s totally true! You will believe all the lies I tell you, because they are the best lies.

Trump-Russia investigators probe Jared Kushner-run digital operation (McClatchy DC Bureau) – “Investigators at the House and Senate Intelligence committees and the Justice Department are examining whether the Trump campaign’s digital operation – overseen by Jared Kushner – helped guide Russia’s sophisticated voter targeting and fake news attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016.” Does it strike you as the slightest bit weird that in an era absolutely dominated by the GOP in power, those gorsh darned Liberals have so much influence over the justice department that they can fabricate not only a fake scandal but so much fake evidence? Is it just me? You’d think that since the GOP control the executive, legislative, and has stacked the Supreme Court in their favor and is currently picking the heads of various Justice branch of Government heads that they’d hold all the cards but nooooooooooo. This fake stuff seems to crop up faster than they can smash it down. Weird right? A lesser mind would give in and say “man, look at all this smoke and smoldering embers… I bet you there was a fire here!”

House Democrat files article of impeachment against Trump (The Hill) – I was shocked at the headline too. A Democratic Representative squirmed uneasily in his ergonomic leather government issue Federal Servant chair and realized he had a spine. “Is it over, is this the beginning of the end?” I asked myself. And then I read further… “A majority vote in the House, currently controlled by Republicans, is required to impeach a president.” Do not get your hopes up friends, Trump may be an enormous black eye for our Country in general but as discussed in previous TDR’s the voters who put him in power do not care. Also, the people who have achieved single digit approval ratings with nearly full job security through election after election also do not care. No, steady yourselves friends. This is not over, in fact I dare say we’re really just getting started.

Murkowski remains unhappy about GOP negotiations for the Senate health bill (Alaska Dispatch News) – She wants this to be a more bipartisan effort. She wants to protect her constituent, a full quarter of which receive benefits from Medicaid. She wants to ease the pain of her population. Her party ran on the promise that they would ease that pain. She’s got concerns that a full repeal of the ACA and cuts to Medicaid would be disasterous for Alaskans, for her career, for the GOP. Good for her, if only she represented the leadership and direction of the GOP. Hopefully though with all the gutting of regulations paper will be super cheap so they can print out Hillary’s leaked emails for Alaskan’s to burn as they huddle together for the coming cold, endless winter.

House Democrats want to know why a major Russian money-laundering case was abruptly settled (Business Insider) – They want to know that, eh. If only there were a logical explanation, or some series of events which directly related to various parties high up in our Government which may have been involved. What would that evidence tell us, we wonder. If it existed, would we even be able to recognize it for what it is? Signs point to YES. “We write with some concern that the two events may be connected — and that the Department may have settled the case at a loss for the United States in order to obscure the underlying facts.” Yes, I think given the torrential DELUGE of information strongly hinting at exactly that kind of collusion, we might be detecting the first wisps of smoke for a fire which has been burning for over 173 days.

Steve King: Use Planned Parenthood, food stamp money to fund border wall (Washington Examiner) – Republicans rejoice at the prospect of this happening, but since they also consume the overwhelming majority of assistance dollars the corks they pop on their “Liberal Tears” champagne will likely have a distinctly conservative taste to it. Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortune of others, and should this particular plan come through for them there’s a very long list of things they’ll experience which aren’t that. No Liberal’s are harmed in the making of this Champagne, except for the distress they feel at watching someone aggressively inflict self harm while laughing at them.

Massive iceberg breaks off in Antarctica (ABC News) – It’s seven times the size of New York City. Don’t worry though, scientists are not in complete agreement that rising global temperatures are to blame. One of them went to his freezer, got an ice cube, and through it out his back door into the blistering heat of Death Valley. It did not instantly melt so hot temperatures probably don’t effect ice too much. That’s just what the evidence shows folks! I don’t make the rules, I just make scientific observations.

‘Lord of the Rings’ actor reads Trump’s tweets as Gollum (The Hill) – If you’re feeling down about all the things happening today, this will help cheer you up! Why so serious. Let’s put a SMILE on that face! Alternatively gun prices are spiraling downward as demand drops off because Obama never did come for them. So if you want to get prepared for the upcoming apocalypse, you may never see better deals than right now!

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