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Trump Damage Report – 7/13/2017

Trump Damage Report – 7/13/2017

First on CNN: Graham, Cassidy unveil details of alternative health care plan (CNN) – Republican’s are in a frenzy for how their going to divvy up the money allocated to the ACA. There are three main components to how they do things: First, it has to add to the federal deficit. Second, it has to grant tax cuts to the rich while giving nothing to the middle and lower income brackets. Third, no matter what happens it can not hurt themselves directly. Much bickering goes into this process of how best to commit all of the deadly sins while smiling at their adoring evangelical supporters.

Senate Republicans one vote away from Obamacare repeal failure (Politico) – Those magical three criteria referenced above? It’s hard to make nearly 300 self-serving con men work together on a goal. It takes grit, determination, and a mixture of dirt combined with finding out the going rates of the most obstinate votestitutes to get them to perform when you yell jump. The GOP has a flair of late for political theater, preferring to run the government like a soap opera. “Are they gonna get the votes they need? Will Kushner be in jail? How many people would Hillary have to help commit suicide for her to become President in 2018. All this and more, after these messages!”

Senate Republicans exempt own health coverage from part of latest proposal (Vox) – And oh yea! They are not going to experience any of the ill effects they are about to shove on to the little guy. And why should they suffer for what is clearly the fault of us plebeians! Clearly if we wanted better insurance we’d all three hundred million of us become Senators! We aren’t senators because we want to be treated like the brain dead cattle we are. Now get out their offices you worthless cripples and start working a job if you want to survive! MERCA!

Leaked Documents Suggest Secretive Billionaire Trump Donors Are Milo’s Patrons (BuzzFeed) – Why include this? Because it peels back the thin veneer of sanity so we might see the horrors which lie beyond the veil. Milo isn’t an anti PC crusader because that’s who he is. Milo is an anti PC crusader because he’s got a sugar family paying the bills who make boat loads of money off of stoking the fires! He’s well funded, having an entire staff plus agents who work alongside him to sway politicians with charm and the money his organization represents. This is the other coin-face of our Capitalist system, and on that side even human garbage needs a spokesman.

Rep. Gowdy to Trump officials: “Disclose every contact you have ever had with Russia” (CBS) – “You should get everyone in a room, and from the moment you watched either ‘Dr. Zhivago’ or read ‘Brothers Karamazov’ to the point you had a shot of liquor with a guy in a furry hat, you need to disclose every contact you have ever had with Russia,” Rep. Trey Gowdy. I laughed heartily at this statement, and then I started googling these things because I had to know whether Gowdy just knows a striking amount about Russia or if he made these things up. ‘Dr. Zhivago’ is an Italian film from 1965 about Russia and ‘Brothers Karamazov’ is by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a Russian Philosopher. One wonders idly if the whole GOP in the upper echelon are KGB sleepers or what the deal is.

All Roads Now Lead to Kushner (NY Times) – What I find fascinating about politics is the macro level parallels I can find in my own life. I had a girlfriend who cheated on me once, and the funny thing was how she accused me of cheating without any evidence (or truth) to the allegation. Here we are in 2017 and Trump has screamed about everyone else being corrupt, meanwhile there’s this overwhelming mountain of evidence showing how corrupt he is himself. Trump is cheating on America with Russia, and screaming at the loyal American’s about how this is all their fault… Speaking of which!

Trump blames Obama administration for allowing Russian lawyer in US (The Hill) – Laughing. Out. Loud! This is hysterical! “Look people, the drugs were there okay? If the drugs hadn’t been there he might not have done all the drugs!” Such restraint! So much control! Not reckless in the least! These buffoons are the people running this behemoth nation! They have the nuclear codes! Sound the alarm people, we need an emergency intervention at the White House! Someone opened up a can of stupid and it’s spreading all over the carpets which have been there since the place was built! We may never get the stain out!

Trump calls Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer ‘opposition research’ (USA Today) – These guys are savvy business men. They have excellent legal counsel. They are the best and brightest of all Americans. They were chosen to lead not just by the American people who clearly voted for him in overwhelming numbers so much so that his victory could never be contested by voter count because God willed him to power. He, and we, are the chosen ones who will rule not just the world but also the galaxy in our orange cheeto-ship Trumperprise. We will boldly con new worlds and new civilizations and every American will get a pony. Amen. In conclusion, Trump Jr clearly could not have broken any laws or willing engaged in collusion with a foreign power because his heart is red, white, and blue can I get a thank you jeeeeeeezuz!

Republicans Block Effort To Revoke Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance (Huffington Post) – “Y’all see this, right?” The dude is famous now for having to amend his security clearance because he left off one hundred foreign contacts BUT NO BIGGIE! I’m sure that Trump pay’s him no mind in spite of appointing him to a WH position, him being married to Trumps daughter, annd then granting him tons of power to make deals on behalf of the American people. He needs to have a security clearance to do all that! What’s the worst or most sensitive information he could come across in the White House anyways? If he were a threat, the GOP would definitely take action.

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