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Trump Fatigue Syndrome – Prevention and Treatment

Trump Fatigue Syndrome – Prevention and Treatment

As the sequence of outrage at Trump’s latest unraveling of the American republic grows, Trump Fatigue Syndrome is a real and present danger to many who are part of the attentive public.  The symptoms can be wide ranging, and the causes are clear.  In the interest of your well-being, we’ll go over a few of the telltale signs you may be suffering from stress related to what Trump is doing, and more importantly how to prevent and alleviate those symptoms.

Symptoms of Trump Fatigue Syndrome

Chances are you’ll know if you are suffering from the symptoms of Trump Fatigue Syndrome, since it will be the primary thought in your head coupled with exhaustion over whatever it is the orange menace has done that day.  Here’s a run-down of some of the more readily apparent signs you or someone you know might be suffering from Trump Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Jaw-clenching, heightened tenseness
  • Shortness of breath, as in a panic attack
  • Sleeplessness, mind racing through national events
  • Extreme irritability
  • Compulsive hoarding
  • Obsession with news feeds and updates
  • Consistent fear of impending catastrophe
  • A sense of hopelessness and ennui
  • Desensitization to news that would previously have upset you
  • Detachment

Prevention of Trump Fatigue Syndrome

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure where Trump is involved. There are a handful of conscious actions you can take to avoid suffering unduly from the effects of an overdose of information about Trump’s activities.

  • Digest Trump news in fewer, measured sittings. Train yourself to read news about what Trump has done only a few times a day, or read a daily synopsis of the day’s news – the Daily Trump Damage Report here, or the WTFjusthappenedtoday breakdown, or any other compilation so you can get it all in one pass and avoid continuous agitation.
  • Calmly acknowledge each news item and your objection to it. Acknowledge that this is not normal. Acknowledge that a big part of the intent behind the rapid-fire punches from the administration is exactly to exhaust you and panic the energy from you. Being aware of their intention to destroy you through a drip-drip-drip of daily horror helps to temper your response. Stop scaring yourself with Trump, and this will help you exercise some additional control over your mind’s response.
  • Remember that America has been through worse and persevered. As a nation, we are a resilient lot, and the spirit that drives America remains in the majority of those who live here.  View any Trump news you read as a temporary, momentary setback.  Actions taken by a President can be reversed by a President.
  • Take a deep breath. Practice diaphragmatic breathing – inhale all the way through your nose slowly, exhale slowly through your mouth. Meditate before and after reading Trump news.
  • Challenge any thoughts in your mind that encourage giving up or accepting this as the way things are now.

Treatment of Trump Fatigue Syndrome

If you are already suffering from the onset of Trump Fatigue Syndrome, there are some things you can do to help address symptoms as they crop up.

  • “Take your broken heart, and make it into art.” Meryl Streep advised us that her good friend, the late Princess Leia had told her. Do something creative to channel the anger and outrage into a positive force. Write, paint, draw, play, sing, sculpt, knit, sew, build, dance, fix, carve, whittle – do anything you can that will allow some part of the pain of what we are seeing come to pass exit yourself in a way that fights the encroaching darkness. Even if you aren’t good at it, even if what you create is hilariously bad and wouldn’t make it to the bargain bin of Etsy, you must create. If you don’t, your mind and eventually your body will suffer the lack of it.  Consider the need the same way you would brush your teeth or wipe yourself after using the restroom – create with the knowledge that you may not want to, but do it because you have to.
  • Take action to resist. Channel the energy from your response into direct, measurable impact on the outcome of Trump’s actions. Follow our quickie guide Actions You Can Take to Fight Trump or the larger comprehensive guide Indivisible has released.  Not only will doing these things help alleviate your stress and anxiety about Trump, but you’ll be engaged in the growing fight against his dangerous agenda.
  • Talk with friends. Call a friend on the phone and vent to them. Verbalizing what is happening in your head can sometimes help organize our thoughts and can serve as a pressure release valve.  Get yourself a Trump venting buddy, if you don’t have one yet.
  • Go for a walk. Clean. Swim.  Do something physical to occupy your hands and body so your mind has time to process and defragment the new information about what Trump just did that threatens your mental state.
  • Follow Monty Python’s advice and Always Look on the Bright Side. Re-center your thoughts around the notion that because of these damaging actions Trump is taking, the pendulum of history will swing, and when it does it will swing hard.  The last time a President had approval ratings as low as Trump’s are only a scant few weeks into his administration, the nation managed to elect a 1-term African-American Senator with the middle name of “Hussein”. Provided Trump continues as he has, by the time mid-terms roll around, America will be ready to enforce gun-free, mandatory abortions at gay weddings.

Important Medical Disclaimer: The above are simple suggestions that we’ve found help work for us and others.  This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always, always seek out the advice of your physician or qualified health or mental health provider with questions you have concerning a possible medical condition.  Don’t ever disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of information contained in recommendations like the above.


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