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10 Near-Future Trump Predictions

10 Near-Future Trump Predictions

Trump has been in office for 115 days, and from his track record already we can draw several conclusions that allow us to extrapolate likely eventualities – events that exist with a high probability of occurrence.  We base these on patterns of his behavior as well as the logical conclusion of his involvement in random and expected events.

  1. Trump will have an affair.  Whether or not the details about the affair come out during his tenure in office are up for guessing, but based on his history and his own assertions, Trump is not loyal to his most recent wife.  That they sleep 204 miles from one another makes this highly probable.
  2. Trump’s visit to the Vatican will not go well.  He will insult the Pope in the process.
  3. Trump’s visit to Israel will precipitate a massive increase in violence in the area.  Netanyahu, previously a supporter of Trump, is slowly realizing just how monstrous the child-like Trump is and try to “teach him” a thing or two.  Trump will express surprise at just how messed-up things are in the middle east.  His most salient comments in response will be about the weather.
  4. Trump’s $1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan will have no funding mechanism that does not involve gutting some critical domestic program or adding the cost directly to the deficit.  The proposal will be as laughable as it is nonviable, but it will cause Republican Congresscritters to squirm for bucking infrastructure, and move Democrats to pump the brakes on budgetary irresponsibility.  Trump will claim victory in the nothing, and cite dysfunction in Washington as to why the proposal died.
  5. John Cornyn will be made FBI Director to repay Republican establishment forces for continued defense of Trump against Russia.  A second possibility is Henry E. Hudson, whom Trump may name FBI Director by simple virtue of his nickname being “Hang ‘Em High Henry”.  Trump likes to scratch backs, but he also likes people with nicknames.
  6. The closer the Russia investigation gets to conclusion, the more likely a terrorist attack will take place in the United States.  While we would prefer to steer clear of the Alex Jones’ territory of assessing an attack as a false flag before having any details whatsoever about such an eventuality, it is clear that Trump would urgently benefit from a terrorist strike against the US.  The process by which he would do so is one we’ve laid out before.  Russia’s Putin might hesitate to orchestrate such a heinous act that could catalyze our growing distrust and distaste into outright hostilities in what would be an act of war (not that cybercrime isn’t), but Trump is going to desperately flail for some kind of gargantuan distraction if and when impeachment hearings are set to begin.
  7. Former President George W. Bush or Jimmy Carter will sadly pass away.  Trump will provide a classless, tasteless response to either in his commentary.  Out of spite, he will likely skip either funeral.
  8. Late 2017 or early 2018, we will start to see signs of an impending economic crash as the retail bubble pops, consumer confidence in America’s ability to govern is eroded to a break-point, and Trump has destabilized large portions of the world.  The Obama momentum will have been arrested by this point, with Trump’s fingerprints firmly on the nation’s economic state.  Gas will break $3.00 a gallon.
  9. 5-7 of his cabinet appointees will burn out and be gone within a year.  Unquestioning loyalty is expected from his cabinet appointees, but loyalty in return is not granted.  Best bets? Nikki Haley, Steve Mnuchin, Rex Tillerson, Elaine Chao, Reince Priebus, Mike Pompeo.
  10. Trump has health problems, despite the assertions of his quack doctor.  Those health problems will be kept secret from the public, but could emerge as leaks.


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