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Month: October 2013

Pass the Dream Act

“The son shall not bear the sins of the father”, unless of course he’s an illegal immigrant. This is the case in America, where our absurd system of immigration is so completely messed up that right now that one-seventh of the signers of the Declaration of Independence would have been deported. These foreign-born Founding Fathers, having served in the militias and being productive members of society (read – undocumented illegal aliens), would not have qualified for citizenship. So it is with many kids in America. American kids, going to school here, learning the language and knowing only our culture,...

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Should America Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Under no circumstances would such a thing help.  Not if the United States wants to survive in the long-term. That may sound like hyperbole, but let’s take a quick stroll through some of the historical things that simply wouldn’t have been possible if we had a Balanced Budget Amendment. Firstly, the Revolutionary War was funded through huge debts incurred by the Continental Congress to pay for arms, ammunition, ships and supplies. The United States’ victory during the Civil War was only possible due in part to issuing bonds and deep deficit spending by Lincoln. World War 2 was waged...

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Raise the Debt Ceiling

I get this question a lot from my friends who don’t pay any attention to politics.  Should we raise the debt ceiling?  My answer is invariably a resounding “Yes.  Or not, but let me first cash in my 401k for Euros.” If you are like most Americans at some point in your life you’ve inadvertently missed a credit card payment or experienced a bank overdraft fee. Depending upon the terms you have the result is that your interest rate skyrockets to the “default rate” or you get hit with penalties for a missed payment. These harsh responses make it...

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Reality 101

The following was written in early February of 2009 in response to the horrific post-campaign propaganda that was still going around about President Obama and the whitewashing of the entirety of the Bush terms in office at the time.  It was as though conservatives had just started to pretend that the previous decade was an illusion, or didn’t count – and that the current President who had spent only a few weeks in office was to blame for the rotten state of affairs in the world.  In response to conservative screeds in the form of a “Sunday School Lesson”...

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Congress Re-Opens Government

At the 11th hour, Congress has passed legislation to avert the looming debt crisis.  Republicans, having held the U.S. government hostage for a couple of weeks now, gave in under the weight of a drastic change in public opinion and horrified markets around the globe. Congress Passes Debt, Budget Deal –...

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