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Month: January 2017

Trump is Worse than Biff Tannen from Back to the Future

Biff Tannen, specifically the villainous version from alternate timeline Hill Valley, is a significantly better person than Donald J. Trump. While they are both wispy-haired monsters with a preference for tacky gilding and sexual assault, there are notable differences: • Biff Tannen runs Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel. Unlike Trump’s casinos, it has not gone bankrupt. • Biff Tannen has frequent run-ins with truckloads of manure. Trump meets daily with Kellyanne Conway. • BiffCo, the toxic waste company Biff Tannen owns and operates, pays contractors. • Biff Tannen only married once, to the love of his life, Lorraine. • Biff...

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Daily Trump Damage Report 1/31/17

• Trump fired the acting Attorney General of the United States of America. He did so because she was unable to find just cause to legally defend the ban on Muslim individuals and refugees. • Trump accuses Senate Minority Leader of crying “fake tears” over a Muslim ban, and the immense human suffering that accompanies wholesale rejection of refugees fleeing unimaginable violence. • Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, ascribed the Quebec mosque shooting as rationale for the Muslim ban. The suspect is a white nationalist. • Trump’s executive order on regulations requires that for each new regulation introduced, two...

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Actions You Can Take Now to Fight Trump

Firstly, breathe.  Take some deep, meditative breaths and center yourself.  You will be directly channeling the negative energy of Trump’s concurrent damage to America into actions that have impact, but to do so effectively, you need to be in full possession of your wits, intellect, and charm.  Cool, calm, and collected?  Let’s begin. 1. Write down the contact information of your Congressional Representative. Find it here. Representative Name: Representative Mailing Address: Representative Local Office Phone: Representative Washington DC Office Phone: Representative Email: 2. Write down the contact information of the two Senators from your state. Find that here. Senator...

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Daily Trump Damage Report 1/30/17

• Trump Press Secretary retweets Onion article about himself that his role is “to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation” before deleting it. • Trump strategist anti-semite Steven Bannon is given National Security role usually held by Generals. • Jihadis celebrate Trump’s recent actions, asserting that Trump is “the best caller to Islam” and referring to his executive order as “the blessed ban”, comparing it to the “blessed invasion of Iraq” in 2003 which allowed ISIS to emerge. • Google has created a $4 million crisis fund to help deal with the fallout from Trump’s...

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Daily Trump Damage Report 1/29/17

• Trump orders Joint Chiefs to create plan to fight ISIS. Remember when Trump said he had a secret plan to fight ISIS? He did not. • Trump appoints anti-semite strategist Steve Bannon to position in the National Security Council. • It is revealed that Trump’s Muslim Ban executive order – “was not reviewed by DHS, the Justice Department, the State Department, or the Department of Defense, and that National Security Council and Office of Legal Counsel lawyers were prevented from evaluating it.” • European leaders are distancing themselves from Trump after the ban, Merkel, May, Hollande, and Gentiloni....

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