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Month: January 2017

Daily Trump Damage Report for 1/28/2017

• Trump’s ban on refugees from 7 Muslim nations singles out individuals on the basis of religion. Muslim? No. Christian? Maybe. • Desperate refugees inbound were blocked at US airports when the order went into effect, stranding them. • Trump attacks American newspapers, New York Times and Washington Post via Twitter for reporting on these and other matters. • Trump is set to speak to Putin today in a lengthy call. • Calexit petition collection has begun, putting forward an amendment to allow California to secede from the union by 2018. • Trump has ordered the White House to...

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Daily Trump Damage Report for 1/27/2017

• The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have moved the Doomsday Clock forward 30 seconds. It is now 2.5 minutes to midnight, thanks to Trump’s comments on nuclear arms build-up and use, and climate change. • Trump claim 3 million voted illegally, source offers no proof, says they need months to provide evidence. • Trump pressured national parks service for evidence about his crowd size. • Trump continues to use an unsecure Samsung Galaxy S3 that does not meet the security needs of an average teenager. • Trump’s border wall is revealed to be paid for by us, reimbursed by...

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Daily Trump Damage Report for 1/26/2017

• Alex “Alien lizard people are real” Jones of InfoWars says they have received White House press credentials. • McConnell says Trump border wall to cost $15 billion. The cost for clean water for the entire planet, one Large Hadron Collider, the island of Jamaica, or one USS Ford Aircraft Carrier. • All senior State Dept officials have resigned, rather than deal with Trump. American diplomacy values are reset to 0. • Trump White House senior staff still have private email accounts, not that there’s anything wrong with that, now. • Executive orders signed allowing torture again, re-opening CIA...

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