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Epic Progress is a blog for news, opinion, discussion and analysis.

We’re here to serve as a bulwark against the rabid virally-induced astroturf propaganda of the fascist, proto-sociopathic, fundamentalist anti-thought, anti-worker, anti-gay/black/woman/poor Leave-it-to-Beaver mindtrip back to the 50’s, gun-toting, jingoistic, fetus-fixated, sex-outlawing, birther, Dominionist, Tenther, climate-change denying, torture-cheering, hedgefund manager tax-cutting, warhungry, xenophobic, end-timer, bunker-dwelling, homeless-kicking, education/environment/healthcare-destroying, history-revising, fact-free, alternative fact-embracing, end-timer, corporate-welfare-doling, nutjob groupthink that pervades the airwaves and internet byways.

It is our intent to provide critical, reality-based, non-bubble objective (but progressive) viewpoint to combat the rampant stupidity and intolerance we encounter.  Liberal progressives founded this nation and moved it forward.  We wear the badge of “Liberal” and “Progressive” as the honors that they truly are, indicative of an ability to empathize with our fellow human, to consider and weigh the facts of an argument for and against, and decide with rational thought the best approach –  in sharp contrast to the emotional gut-based ideology of the archconservative movement.

We strive to champion and cast a light on what is true and good and real.  To take the knees out from falsehood, to poke a bit of fun at the purveyors of deceit, and to ultimately provide you, the reader, with enough intellectual ammunition to take action, get involved, and affect a change in our world.

As Stephen Colbert once quipped, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”  Buckle up for a double-dose of reality, folks.

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