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Daily Trump Damage Report for 1/28/2017

Daily Trump Damage Report for 1/28/2017

• Trump’s ban on refugees from 7 Muslim nations singles out individuals on the basis of religion. Muslim? No. Christian? Maybe.

• Desperate refugees inbound were blocked at US airports when the order went into effect, stranding them.

• Trump attacks American newspapers, New York Times and Washington Post via Twitter for reporting on these and other matters.

• Trump is set to speak to Putin today in a lengthy call.

• Calexit petition collection has begun, putting forward an amendment to allow California to secede from the union by 2018.

• Trump has ordered the White House to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants. (A tactic previously employed by The Nazi Institute for Research on the Jewish Question, publishing alleged crimes committed by Jews in Germany.)

• Trump didn’t bother to mention Jews in his Holocaust remembrance statement.


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