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Daily Trump Damage Report 1/31/17

Daily Trump Damage Report 1/31/17

• Trump fired the acting Attorney General of the United States of America. He did so because she was unable to find just cause to legally defend the ban on Muslim individuals and refugees.

• Trump accuses Senate Minority Leader of crying “fake tears” over a Muslim ban, and the immense human suffering that accompanies wholesale rejection of refugees fleeing unimaginable violence.

• Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, ascribed the Quebec mosque shooting as rationale for the Muslim ban. The suspect is a white nationalist.

• Trump’s executive order on regulations requires that for each new regulation introduced, two regulations must be repealed. If Burger Barn starts selling lead milkshakes and the USDA wants them to stop, they’d have to lift the regulation against horse meat in the burger meat AND get rid of the “employees must wash hands” sign in the restroom to move forward with the lead-free milkshake rule.

• Trump’s actions have precipitated serious consideration as to whether or not a coup d’etat is about to be attempted, or is being set.

• Trump’s primary puppeteer and actual Nazi Steve Bannon, who was recently granted National Security Council privileges historically given only to generals, is ensuring that there is no paper trail of decisions taking place at the White House.

• Trump’s supreme court nominee will likely be met head-on by invertebrates in the Democratic Party.

• Trump’s Health & Human Services nominee Tom Price, who fought hardest to ensure as few Americans had health insurance as possible, got a special discount price on biomedical stock he immediately crafted legislation to help.

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