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Trump Damage Report – 10-23-2017

Trump Damage Report – 10-23-2017

Sweet, merciful slow day folks. Let it sink in, each moment wherein hair furor doesn’t take us headlong into war. Do not fret the coming storm, enjoy the peaceful now.

Senator Wilson is demanding an apology from Sec. of Defense John Kelly for Character assassination. This could easily be a headline talking about an episode of one of Trump’s past shows, but he has a new gig now. He’s the President of the United States, and he has taken it upon himself to keep us glued to the news for fear of what he’ll do or say or cause next.

The widow with whom Trump blew his phone call is not a fan of Trump after his attempt at normal human interaction failed. It’s not terribly surprising, he’s the kind of man who thinks about what women are for, rather than about the fact that they’re people. There’s been plenty of fake news about how this woman feels, so feel free to share video of her expressing how disappointing that call really was to all your conservative friends who believe in the fake facebook account hailing the POTUS as a wonder to all thing America.

Betsy Devos just rescinded 72 documents guidelining the rights of disabled students. If you listen closely you can still hear it. The echos of Devos’ epic battle cry. The sick and the weak go into the pit because THIS. IS. SPARTA.

If you want to hear someone ramble and rabble on aimlessly for a while, here’s Trump talking about stuff. It’s amazing that he has all this time to be interviewed and go golfing and make campaign appearances and tweet relentlessly. You’d think that being President would keep him too busy to do at least some of those things with the regularity in which he does them.

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