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Trump Damage Report – 10/22/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/22/2017

It’s Sunday and Trump spent his 75th day on the golf course plotting his next travesty, so it’s a slower day in the news for him. It’s a silver lining filled with poison, but it is still silver.

Guess who loses with the next budget. I’m looking at you Medicare and Medicaid recipients, although the real answer is America. America loses with this new budget. Billions slashed from both programs, over 1.5 trillion getting heaped on to the already expansive deficit. The GOP is taking everything from the last eight years of practice rounds and appears hell bent for leather on bankrupting the government. This will be bad for the US and its citizens for generations, but hey, at least the little guy who voted red because of the promise of tax cuts will see tax cuts. Those cuts won’t actually help the little guy, but you’ll still see that taxes were cut.

Paul Ryan claims that there will be a new tax bracket aimed at the wealthiest American’s. Such a thing would totally bust the Grover Norquist pledge so it has no chance of passing and becoming a reality with today’s GOP led house and senate. Thanks for the lip-service Paul!

Kansas got to be the test-bed for the current run of tax cuts. It’s how we know that the little guy won’t benefit but it will balloon deficits and slow business growth. If your goal is to cause the economic collapse of an entire country, this is the tax policy to implement. Thanks Republicans.

The budget deficit, which has been reduced by the epic numbers we saw 8 years ago roughly 60%, is back on the rise. As is tradition for all Republican Presidents, Trump took whatever was there and started spending money as though it were no object. He killed spending restrictions where they did good, and cut spending in areas which employed US Citizens and kept the money flowing through our economy. The Fiscal Year of 2017 ended with a deficit of $666 Billion Dollars, up from the projected $587 Billion dollars we were looking at prior to Hair Furor taking the reigns. Isn’t it odd how deficit spending exploded under Trump, just like it did under GWB. Just like it did under GHWB. Just like it did under Reagan.

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