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Trump Damage Report – 10/24/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/24/2017

Today feels like the wind-up before the fastball is let fly. It goes something like this:

Trump just set up a date to have his fourteenth interview with Fox News. He hasn’t really agreed to be on any other news outlet either. Assuming he’s headed the direction of many fabled dictators before him, we know for certain who the only state sponsored news outlet will be. Not sure which one of the anchors will get the Louis Prothero spot, but the network is for sure nailed down.

The Florida Black Caucus is demanding that John Kelly apologize to Senator Wilson for his defamation of her character. In light of the widow speaking out in video about how disappointed she was in the phone call from Trump, an honorable soldier would work to make amends. Alas, I fear honor has no place in the Trump Whitehouse, there never is among thieves.

Jeff Flake, whose name will become ironic in the next story, just made a stand that he would not seek reelection and be complicit in this administrations agenda. He said all the things that progressives and liberals have been saying about this administration. It gave a brief flicker of hope for sanity in an insane world, words and action from a member of the GOP.

And then he flaked out on his anti-complicity stance by presenting a bill to roll back consumer protections, part of this administrations agenda. Thanks for that Jeff, what American’s in the middle class really need is less regulations in-between themselves and being defrauded by the wealthy who happen to own businesses. I’m sure this will be good for (1% of) America. They are thankful for your generosity and thoughtfulness towards the needs of all (extraordinarily wealthy) Americans!

Mitch McConnell and John McCain joined forces to praise Jeff Flake after his blistering anti-Trump speech. Momentous really, the three now phoniest politicians in the whole country coming together under a common publicity driven cause. I’m sure McCain won’t actively sell out his constituents next year according to plan. This year he’s getting all the good press he needs to be remembered as a champion of the little guy. The worst people always do work hard to gain your trust before stabbing you in the back. And the knife will be very, very sharp.

Betsy Devos continues her crusade against American’s who are attempting to develop job skills to be competitive in todays market by allowing them to be defrauded by scam colleges. In the promised land of the GOP and their White Republican Jesus the world is dog eat dog. Buyer beware, the ink you signed this Administration into power with is made of pure poison. The body may survive, but the insides will be quite damaged when the vomiting is over.

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