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Trump Damage Report – 10/25/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/25/2017

Republicans rolled back a rule preventing banks and credit card institutions from including agreements with customers that protected them from lawsuits. A few weeks ago Equifax was called out over its data breach, as they required a person to agree never to sue them in exchange for finding out if they were part of the breach. They quickly removed the agreement after public outcry made the news and now here we are with Republican’s handing them the right to rob their own customers of lawsuit rights in exchange for information. Neat.

Ryan Zinke’s hometown houses a small energy company, and that company was just awarded a no bid three hundred million dollar contract to fix the power grid in Puerto Rico. If you wanna know what cronyism looks like, look no further. I found it for you.

The new Republican tax plan would give enormous tax breaks to foreigners. So much for protecting American jobs and/or supporting the middle class in any meaningful way. All this does is encourage the pillaging of America’s wealth into the hands of ever fewer people. Good luck and good night middle class.

Circling back to yesterday when we first ripped into Bob Corker and Jeff Flake who took a hard stance against Trump, they have voted in favor of his policies 90% of the time. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers guys, but what we really need is actions which are not merely symbolic of news fluff which makes you look good to your constituents. I feel as though these guys are simply the canaries in the mine, there to determine is speaking out against Trump is politically healthy. The are little known members of the larger body, and likely come from heavily gerrymandered locales where there’s little chance of them losing their spots. Politics 2017, what a mess.

Fox news is quietly burying news that Democrat candidates have jumped 15 points over their GOP counterparts in potential 2018 election results. Buyers remorse has a name, and the Trumpster fire we find ourselves in will be all that’s left to heat our homes soon. A greedy narcissist runs the country, and his promises of a grand country are coming true. The caveat is this grand country he dreams of exists only for Trump and his closest friends, and it will be built on the backs of the broken middle class.

The Trump campaign is desperately trying to distance itself from a cybersecurity consultant when said consultant flapped about contacting wikileaks directly about Hillary’s emails. I’m not sure I’d call this news exactly, we all know that Trump is unscrupulous in his standard business practices so why would his campaign be any different? I dare say that he may be more surprised that this is news than I am, assuming he got comfortable with always being able to pull the strings without people noticing. All of the eyes are upon him now though, so dirt is just quite a bit harder to hide than it once was.

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