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Trump Damage Report – 10/29/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/29/2017

Trump golfs every weekend, and this weekend is no exception. Because nothing puts you in touch with the little people of America like going to exclusive golf resorts and spending lots of money on your hobby’s. Also isn’t he supposed to be so busy running the country and not golfing as he promised during his campaign? To quote some of my conservative friends “Yea Trump lies, but at least he’s honest about his lying.”

The first charges from the Mueller probe were approved by a Grand Jury on Friday. We’re anxious to see who gets arrested come monday.

White lives matter group attempted to march and rally in Tennessee. While seeing hate-filled human beings is always distasteful, it is good that they have come to the light. Now we can all know who they are, and they can be cut out of the better communities. One mustn’t let a cancer grow in a healthy body, unless one wants to die.

Billionaire GOP donor experiencing epic levels of buyers remorse about Trump. Call him ‘threat to democracy’ among other Trump trashing comments. Schadenfreude is watching someone who was actively bankrolling a wildfire get burned by it. We feel you Seth, about the whole Trump is bad for the country thing, but it’s kind of your fault.

Government watchdog is now going to investigate the commission Trump put together to investigate the election. So trustworthy is this administration that people are compelled to investigate the people who are investigating other things. SAD!

Speaking of shady administration dealings, Puerto Rico just cancelled the contract with Whitefish utility Co / AKA Ryan Zinke’s neighbors. This story brings up more questions than it answers, we’ll circle back to it when we know more.

Trump by the numbers; His approval rating is experiencing it’s own Trumpster fire. 38% is now the low bar for successful Presidents, which his staunch and pavlovian conditioned against truth supporters still believe him to be.

Kurt Eichenwald just called Fox News a propaganda network aiding and abetting the Russians. I’m not certain that that’s how it played out exactly, it seems more likely that Fox News is out to make money and the Kremlin was out to spend money turning America against itself. Their interests aligned, and the conservatives were chosen as they were more apt to accept the money and help from Russia where DNC administrations turned them in to the FBI immediately. Funny how that all worked out.

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