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Trump Damage Report – 10/31/2017

Trump Damage Report – 10/31/2017

It is fitting that today is Halloween, because it’s getting weird over in Capitol Hill. Thankfully today was actually slower for relevant news as high stressed meetings took place behind closed doors!

The first Indictments just rolled in in the Trump-gate Russia scandal. Keep your eye on this story, share it relentlessly onto your conservative friends walls. Make sure to remind them daily of what an actual investigation into wrongdoing looks like and point out the differences between this story and the realest of fake news stories Benghazi they harped about for SEVEN continuous years of investigations. They should know what real criminal acts look like, so they have a frame of reference to compare scandals against. It’s only fitting that you be the purveyor of such knowledge.

GOP Senators dismiss calls for bill to protect Mueller from Trump. Few should be surprised by this move, Trump is signing the checks in the form of whatever they pass as bills and is soaking up the limelight such that it’s difficult for normal people to have any idea what their senators are doing. And what they are doing is pillaging America for anything their grubby hands can take from the people.

Rupert Murdoch owned propaganda platform aka Wall Street Journal calls for Mueller’s resignation. Murdoch stands to gain huge sums of money from the tax policy Trump and the GOP will put in place, so it’s only fitting that unscrupulous people utilize their unscrupulous means to protect their interests. Those interests are to rob from the poor and middle class, and give give to the wealthy and ultra-wealthy.

The Trump Campaign aka the Trump-gate Russia scandal defense fund is fundraising in the wake of the Manafort Indictment. Trump may be a genius when it comes to beating people out of money, as is his business modus operandi, but criminal court is a different ball game. We shall see how his legal team makes the adjustment, and if they can save him plus his friends.

Uzbekistan national drove a truck over eight people on a sidewalk in New York today. The guy had been here seven years and his home country isn’t on Trump’s travel ban. He was taken alive, so we get to see into the mind of this man who is now accused of an act of terror. He’s no doubt being picked apart by consultants from the FBI and perhaps a few other agencies. Reports of who and what he is should be forthcoming.

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