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Trump Damage Report 3/24/2017

Trump Damage Report 3/24/2017

Trumpcare is terminal and has a pre-existing condition, voter spite operates as a boomerang, Bannon’s sh*tlist, Gorsuch vs. Autistic Child, Uday Trump gives biz updates, Alex Jones apologizes, and Keystone is a go.  All this and more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Friday, March 24th, 2017. Code Blue, someone wake up Dr. Carson.

  • A woman in Indiana voted for Trump, vociferously supporting him. She is surprised now that her husband is being deported due to policies put in place by Trump. “Trump did say the good people would not be deported, the good people would be checked.” One of the hallmarks of the current strain of Republicanism is being in favor of hurting others, without any possible awareness that doing so could hurt them. Well gosh, I had no idea my healthcare was gonna get taken away. I thought they’d only deport the bad ones? Didn’t he say he was only going to have emergency executive powers for a month?
  • Trumpcare vote fails, having received staunch resistance from all sectors of American life.  Trump, with a Republican majority in the House and Senate, is blaming Democrats for failing to kick 24 million people off of healthcare coverage.
  • Vox has a piece on why Trump forced the Trumpcare vote, looking to the potential win for Twitler no matter what the outcome was.
  • President Bannon is keeping a “sh*t list” of those who opposed Trumpcare, and plans to exact vengeance upon them.
  • Last night, Republicans removed Essential Health Benefits from the Trumpcare bill, allowing states to gut coverage extensively.
  • Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch and his minimalist view of the law made manifest in a case he ruled on against an autistic child. Shareblue reports on the testimony of the boy’s father.
  • “The vast majority of marketplace enrollees have experienced no average premium hike at all.” says President Obama late yesterday, in response to the false claims circulating the Obamacare is collapsing.
  • Leave it to Seth Meyers to ask the critical question about Manafort and the Trump gang.  If it’s all just a ruse and fake news, why is the Trump cabal going to such great lengths to distance themselves from former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort?
  • Trumpist Republican who helped oversee the orange menace’s transition, is tipping his hat in revealing that he has no interest in providing oversight of the administration as leading member of the House Intelligence Commitee.  The Washington Post reports on the timeline of his squealing run to tell reporters and Trump before letting other members of his committee know his findings.
  • Eric Trump will be giving the nation’s sovereign financial updates on the state of his business interests.  Trump has not divested from any of his businesses.  Trump has not revealed any of his financial interests.  Trump is in violation of the emoluments clause of the United States Constitution by accepting business agreements for personal financial gain from foreign powers.
  • Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin violated ethics laws when he encouraged people to go see the LEGO: Batman movie, which he executive produced.  The movie centers around a mentally deranged billionaire with plastic hair living in a made-up world who slathers his logo/name over everything he owns and feels that only he can stop bad things from happening, but instead causes massive collateral damage with every action. Y’know, fiction.
  • Alex “Lizard People are Real, Chemicals are Turning Frogs Gay” Jones, who is a prominent source of news for Mr. Trump, has apologized for his extensive coverage of “Pizzagate”, the fake news story of the conservative bubble which purported a satanic sex slave ring was conducted out of the back of a pizza restaurant.  Someone tried to kill someone over the story.
  • Trump confidante and consultant Roger Stone is now on the receiving end of scrutiny over his collusion with Russian hackers for the Trump campaign.  The Miami Herald reports Stone is under FBI investigation for active coordination with foreign agents.
  • Media Matters dissects the life cycle of a Trump lie.  This is a must-read to identify the process.
  • Keystone XL pipeline is given the green light from the Trump administration.  Keystone XL will carry tons of oil from Canada to be sold on the global market for the maximum possible dollar amount to benefit heavily-subsidized oil companies.


Trump has now spent 7x more in 2 months on travel and personal expenses than the entire amount Obama AND Biden did over 8 full years. That’s $87.1 million to to $12.1 million. Making America Pay Again.

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Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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