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Trump Damage Report 3/25/2017

Trump Damage Report 3/25/2017

The terrible, no good, very bad week for Trump. Flynn flips, Redacted Donald, Securities and Exchange Monsters, Pizzagate, Bannon baits spite, spinal development, and violence at a rally.  All this and more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Saturday, March 25th, 2017.  When in Red Square, don’t despair, there’s Levis and McDonald’s there.

  • The Traitor Flynn may have flipped on Trump, and it is possible he is spilling the beans on everything he knows about Trump.
  • We begin to discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes on the Russia-Trump connections.  The AP reports that Manafort routed financial transactions with Russia through Cyprus, which has a history of money laundering.  The secret financial transactions with Russian billionaire oligarchs with direct ties to Putin now include the oligarch Oleg Deripaska.
  • Newsweek recaps the worst possible week for Trump, including the FBI confirmation of Russia’s ties with his campaign, the Supreme Court nominee receiving a filibuster, souring relationship with Netanyahu, wiretapping debunking, and the Trumpcare defeat.  Poor Trumpster. We’d almost feel sorry for the guy if he wasn’t an avowed sexual predator.
  • “Hello Bob”, Twitler said on the phone, before telling Robert Acosta the bill was pulled.  Read the surreal coverage of the Trumpcare defeat at The Washington Post.
  • Jezebel took the Time interview conducted with Trump and redacted everything that isn’t verifiably true. The result is a document that looks like something we put out in the 50’s about Roswell, a caricature of an exchange with someone only partially operating in our reality.
  • Jay Clayton, Trump’s appointee to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is responsible for oversight of Wall Street… actually, based on what you know of Trump’s cabinet appointees so far, would you like to venture a guess as to what the type of person his pick to oversee Wall Street might be?  A shot in the dark, perhaps?  Considering DeVos, Perry, Carson, Tillerson, Pryce, and Pruitt.  Do I really need to explain of what variety and ideology Jay Clayton, Trump’s pick to govern the regulatory body responsible for keeping Wall Street and the financial institutions of America in check, happens to be? Col. Sanders for the Bureau of Chicken Health. Wile E Coyote in charge of the Department of Roadrunner Safety.  He’s being questioned.
  • Talking Points Memo reports on the week when Trump’s wiretap accusation died. He still won’t let it go.
  • The New York Times fact-checks Trump on blaming the failure of Trumpcare on the Democrats.
  • US Attorney Preet Bharara was actively investigating Fox News when he was fired by Jeff “Klan Keebler” Sessions, Media Matters reports.
  • Today, we learn that the FBI’s investigation into the Russia connection with Trump has expanded to include the Pizzagate scandal.  Not coincidentally, Alex “Lizard People Are Real, Chemicals are Turning Frogs Gay” Jones apologized for his role in the fake news that lead to threats against a poor pizza restaurant owner.
  • In light of the Trumpcare failure, Trump said he never promised that he would speedily repeal Obamacare. He repeated this twice, and he emphasized it. Meaning, for those who follow his speech patterns and have a memory that serves them, that he was lying.
  • Democrats owe a debt of gratitude to stem-cell research which has allowed the party in recent weeks to begin to develop for the first time ever, spinal tissue.  Common Dreams reports that calls are increasing from Democratic lawmakers for a total shutdown while investigations into Russia’s influence over Trump are underway.  No word yet on if a fully-formed spine will materialize in time, but this development is miraculous and we’re thankful for the science that allowed this to take place.
  • Thanks to the epic failure of Trumpcare, the orange menace is embroiled in a bitter GOP civil war, The New York Times says in a piece this morning.  The party which invariably comes together over how best to maximize damage to the middle class and poor to the benefit of the wealthiest 1% is now fractured and disjointed.
  • President Bannon had some terse words for Republican lawmakers voting against the Trumpcare bill during the lead-up, saying “Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”  Such a charmer.
  • Violence erupted at a Trump rally in Huntington Beach, California.  A protester opposed to Trump allegedly doused a female organizer of the event with pepper spray, and was then tackled. The protester was wearing a black mask. We do not condone or encourage this level of stupidity. Black bloc protesters are not welcome in the resistance. We still have the ability to hold elections. We still have elected representatives. Black bloc protest is not welcome and is counter-productive.
  • Special note courtesy of an ally of Epic Progress on Black Bloc: 1. if you see someone dressed in all black, with a black ski mask or a black cap that can be pulled over their head, MOVE AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE.  They are what is called “black bloc”. They are provocateurs who want to start a riot and provoke the police into cracking down hard to make headlines. They are BAD NEWS. GET AWAY. GET VERY FAR AWAY. 
  • The Traitor Flynn discussed with former CIA Director James Woolsey that he had met with representatives of the Turkish government (whom he was an agent of at the time) to discuss ways to send a foe of Turkey’s authoritarian president back to face charges.
  • Democrats file a bill to force the Trump administration to release visitor logs from the sovereign’s winter palace at Mar-A-Lago, where he sells access to himself and his cabinet and holds open-air national security meetings that hotel guests passing by can listen in to.
  • The Russian state-owned media outlet and propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin, Sputnik, has applied for press credentials at the White House. Well gosh, gee willickers, y’all. I wonder whether or not they’ll get access.


Trump has now spent 7x more in 2 months on travel and personal expenses than the entire amount Obama AND Biden did over 8 full years. That’s $88.1 million to to $12.1 million. Making America Pay Again.

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Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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