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Trump Damage Report 3/29/2017

Trump Damage Report 3/29/2017

Mexico’s wall, browser histories for cheap, de-censusing gay people, Spicey phenomena, Kushner’s friendship loofah, Dangerous Devin, interviewing spies, and more in your daily Trump Damage Report for Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.  Building the swamp and draining the wall.™

  • Two of the antiabortion activists who conducted “undercover” videos on Planned Parenthood have been charged with 15 felonies. The videos in question were referenced by Trump and other GOP candidates during the presidential primary of 2016. Both Trump and Carly Fiorina fabricated scenarios where they watched something in those videos that didn’t actually happen in the videos.  At this point, are there any illiberal “documentary” makers who aren’t felons?
  • Trump’s approval rating tumbles among Republicans and Independents in the latest poll by Politico/Morning Consult.
  • Democrats are prepared to filibuster Gorsuch.  Today, New Hampshire’s Shaheen and Hassan joined in the commitment to filibuster Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.  It is considered a full-on miracle that Senate Democrats were able to spontaneously grow a spine.  The spine in question is still very new, so we’ll see whether or not it survives the first brisk wind or gentle nudge.
  • The New York Times pulls no punches on an op-ed today, with “Devin Nunes is Dangerous”.  They take the intelligence committee chairman to task for his amateur-hour cloak and dagger efforts on the Trump/Russia investigation.
  • Trump’s Secretary of the Interior, Zinke, says the stupid wall may end up being built in Mexico.  See, there’s this… river thing, in the way.  And the river is part of the border.  And we don’t want to lose the river.  As it turns out in a twist of Trump’s promise, the wall is to be built in Mexico and Americans will be paying for it.
  • Spicey boy has a word tell.  It seems that Sorry Spice employs the word “phenomenal” when he means something is about to crash and burn.  Politico reports on the verbal tick from the sad press gibbon who always looks like he spends a lot of time spinning an empty revolver in the dark.
  • The House GOP decides to incarnate as Charlie Brown attempting to kick the Lucy-held football that is Obamacare, again.  Brace for their collective “AAUGH!”
  • North Korea is in a position to kill 90% of Americans, The Hill reports.  They have the atomic bomb. They are working on the hydrogen bomb.  They probably have missiles capable of hitting us.  They could park a bomb in a port.  And Trump is in charge of our diplomacy with them.
  • Trump-enabling Republicans in the Senate and House voted to allow ISPs to be able to sell your internet history for billions in profit.  The vote was expressly along party lines, not a single Democrat voted for it.
  • TrumpCorp is looking to buy another hotel in Washington D.C.  It turns out foreign dignitaries and lobbyists are hoping to curry favor with the orange menace by frequenting his properties to his personal financial gain.  Trump hopes to capitalize by selling access to America’s government the highest bidder.
  • Trump’s administration has determined that it will not count LGBT people any longer in the next census. By not being seen or having an accurate count, it becomes easier to harm a population.
  • The more grown-up Senate intelligence committee may be interviewing ex-UK spy, Christopher Steele.  Steele was the originator of the memo detailing the contents of Trump’s kompromat file held by the Russians.
  • Trump is unconcerned about the costs the taxpayer is asked to foot for his winter palace.  Spicey boy says in fact, that “He feels great.” about it.
  • Twitler is threatening the planet with his war on the environment, rolling back regulations on pollution in air and water.  He wants you and your family to choke with each breath and die a slow, painful, poisoned death.  With each strained breath you and loved ones take, dollars are extracted from your soon-to-be corpses by his buddies in coal and heavy industry.  Just don’t ask for healthcare on your way out.
  • The gilded sovereign’s son-in-law is bearing a cost in friends and loved ones as his spouse’s father flails and spouts.  Business Insider has the inside scoop on the “exfoliation” of Jared Kushner’s friendships.


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Above all, and as always, stay vigilant.

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